I need the views! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

Hello. YouTube + Instagram + Website = COMMBBOOO. So recently I have been thinking. Of maybe creating a YouTube channel, I have been planning a lot on it and have found. What happens if I do a YouTube channel based on doodling time lapses, video game play and daily vlogs! For me that will be an amazing task and I will probably post my recent videos, art and more on my website! Sounds good right. The average date my channel will be launched will be in the next 4 or 5 months ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ. Yes I know, not the swiftest time, but  decent. Anyway time for best photo of the month. Image result for photoshopped animals

Sad Face :(

): My website = Isolated . Hellllllooooo it’s me Benjiiiiiiiiii and I have something to tell you. I  look on my stats page ahhhhhh, click, VISITORS:0  VIEWS:0 . Yum! I am here to apologise that I have not been able to post as I have been revising to get into a school. Lol its a really bad excuse. I know :). But I will just tell how my ******SKIING HOLIDAY****** has been! So I go skiing in the French alps and the was TONNES of snow there this year and I have not been falling flat on my face! I think I have improved skiing by far as I had private tutoring and I actually learn new things. Now for the best image of the month…….


Byeeeeeee from ScribbleAway


Sorry! + Merry Xmas

Sorry for not uploading for so long! I think my account actually got hacked :P! Because I went on one day checking my stats and the SWOOSH, somebody was in the middle of writing a post! I deleted it 😀 Our internet is trash, ugh >:(. I can’t upload ANY OF MY ART 😛 . Although now I think we MIGHT HAVE BETTER INTERNET <3. Excuse my grammar 🙂

Merry Xmas! From Scriqble.

Why my website name is Sqriqble

Hmm… think Benji think! Ah yes, this is why I named my website: Sqriqble

  1. The reason I named it on purpose Sqriqble with a Q is because my youtube name is GOING to be Scriqble + the website seems better to be called Sqriqble rather than Scriqble for my opinions sake.
  2. My website is related to art, SORRY for nooooooo art AT ALL. But soon I will be ahead of time and be posting regularly, the reason I haven’t been posting is because of holiday.
  3. Because, uh, because, umm…. OK I’M OUT

See you later aliga…. Doodle and fiddle with Scriqble? Really I have nooo idea. SO JUST GO WITH THE FLOW.

bye from Scriqble + don’t swim with alligators + don’t stroke bunny’s with chicken feet + don’t make up random tips like i am + like for a free cookie + that may be a lie + if your STILL reading this don’t whack your PC because i am annoying.

See you later, carrots you will nibble from SCRIQBLE. (don’t judge my rhyming )


Homework, three ways to describe it to your opinion: ‘GET IT DONE, boring meh, interesting!’. I, me or shall I say me am in the middle. At this VERY moment I am doing homework. Now, when I do my homework and get bored I find another way of entertaining myself until I have cooledownloadd off. Homework is not that bad after all but sometimes i’m like ‘ahhhh what a lovely evening to sit back do some doodling and watch gravity falls then eat a banana and… THREE PIECES OF HOMEWORK BENJI GET THEM OVER AND DONE WITH!’ sigh, yes that one. By the way my real name is Benji and I will tell NO MORE. :D, NOW GO BACK AND FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK POSITIVELY.

BYE SCRIQBLE OR SQRIQBLE (i mean i prefer the 1st one) + LIKE FOR A FREE COOKIE

(Updated: Good news I have finished my homework and everything is fine and…’BENJI I HAVE JUST SET YOU SOME EXTRA PREP’. Sigh.