I need the views! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

Hello. YouTube + Instagram + Website = COMMBBOOO. So recently I have been thinking. Of maybe creating a YouTube channel, I have been planning a lot on it and have found. What happens if I do a YouTube channel based on doodling time lapses, video game play and daily vlogs! For me that will be an amazing task and I will probably post my recent videos, art and more on my website! Sounds good right. The average date my channel will be launched will be in the next 4 or 5 months ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ. Yes I know, not the swiftest time, but  decent. Anyway time for best photo of the month. Image result for photoshopped animals


Sad Face :(

): My website = Isolated . Hellllllooooo it’s me Benjiiiiiiiiii and I have something to tell you. I  look on my stats page ahhhhhh, click, VISITORS:0  VIEWS:0 . Yum! I am here to apologise that I have not been able to post as I have been revising to get into a school. Lol its a really bad excuse. I know :). But I will just tell how my ******SKIING HOLIDAY****** has been! So I go skiing in the French alps and the was TONNES of snow there this year and I have not been falling flat on my face! I think I have improved skiing by far as I had private tutoring and I actually learn new things. Now for the best image of the month…….


Byeeeeeee from ScribbleAway


Sorry! + Merry Xmas

Sorry for not uploading for so long! I think my account actually got hacked :P! Because I went on one day checking my stats and the SWOOSH, somebody was in the middle of writing a post! I deleted it 😀 Our internet is trash, ugh >:(. I can’t upload ANY OF MY ART 😛 . Although now I think we MIGHT HAVE BETTER INTERNET <3. Excuse my grammar 🙂

Merry Xmas! From Scriqble.

Why my website name is Sqriqble

Hmm… think Benji think! Ah yes, this is why I named my website: Sqriqble

  1. The reason I named it on purpose Sqriqble with a Q is because my youtube name is GOING to be Scriqble + the website seems better to be called Sqriqble rather than Scriqble for my opinions sake.
  2. My website is related to art, SORRY for nooooooo art AT ALL. But soon I will be ahead of time and be posting regularly, the reason I haven’t been posting is because of holiday.
  3. Because, uh, because, umm…. OK I’M OUT

See you later aliga…. Doodle and fiddle with Scriqble? Really I have nooo idea. SO JUST GO WITH THE FLOW.

bye from Scriqble + don’t swim with alligators + don’t stroke bunny’s with chicken feet + don’t make up random tips like i am + like for a free cookie + that may be a lie + if your STILL reading this don’t whack your PC because i am annoying.

See you later, carrots you will nibble from SCRIQBLE. (don’t judge my rhyming )


Homework, three ways to describe it to your opinion: ‘GET IT DONE, boring meh, interesting!’. I, me or shall I say me am in the middle. At this VERY moment I am doing homework. Now, when I do my homework and get bored I find another way of entertaining myself until I have cooledownloadd off. Homework is not that bad after all but sometimes i’m like ‘ahhhh what a lovely evening to sit back do some doodling and watch gravity falls then eat a banana and… THREE PIECES OF HOMEWORK BENJI GET THEM OVER AND DONE WITH!’ sigh, yes that one. By the way my real name is Benji and I will tell NO MORE. :D, NOW GO BACK AND FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK POSITIVELY.

BYE SCRIQBLE OR SQRIQBLE (i mean i prefer the 1st one) + LIKE FOR A FREE COOKIE

(Updated: Good news I have finished my homework and everything is fine and…’BENJI I HAVE JUST SET YOU SOME EXTRA PREP’. Sigh.

stuff. comedy.

I am bored. You are probably bored of reading this. But if you read this you get a free cookie (triggering huh?).  If you have still carried on reading this I lied. If you STILL have kept reading this by the way free walrus if you like this post. (Maybe a lie). IF YOU HAVE STILL KEPT ON READING THIS BORING POST, like for a cookie and a walrus (XL). if u have still continued reading this like if you think Hillary Clinton should of won.

By Sqriqble



I am a huge Tesla fan, obviously, because I care for the environment and the pollution levels. If you go to the store place thingy (bad explanation sorry!) it is fascinating! I love all the technology in there and the cool gadgets. Plus it is the most family friendly car I have seen. Now I know that some people may not like self-driving cars but it is handy for helping a passenger; just for a few seconds. This post will soon be updated.              Thanks for reading Sqriqble.

Las Vegas Attack

I am extremely sad about what has happened on Saturday night this week. And if you do not know what has happened here it is. Now, there was a 64 year old man in a hotel not registered as a guest the police say, the man has just one the lottery on Friday. However as his son is the most wanted person on the FBI list, he has a influence from him (his son had robbed banks and more stuff). So he went and bought him self  a MINI-GUN, YES A MINI-GUN! So he said to himself. Well as there is loads of people having a good time (YES A GOOD TIME,) I will freaking shoot them all! Seems right huh? NO. 65 people shot dead, yes BANG BANG dead kind of thing, plus to make this man happier he thought hmmm. Lets set fire to the concert, results: 650 people horribly injured, 65 people are, more police dead, the police found him dead on the floor. Personally I think violence is not key, and the should tranquillise him and  investigate the situation. Because now, we don’t know if he was a terrorist or not! Thank you for reading. Sqriqble.