Homework, three ways to describe it to your opinion: ‘GET IT DONE, boring meh, interesting!’. I, me or shall I say me am in the middle. At this VERY moment I am doing homework. Now, when I do my homework and get bored I find another way of entertaining myself until I have cooledownloadd off. Homework is not that bad after all but sometimes i’m like ‘ahhhh what a lovely evening to sit back do some doodling and watch gravity falls then eat a banana and… THREE PIECES OF HOMEWORK BENJI GET THEM OVER AND DONE WITH!’ sigh, yes that one. By the way my real name is Benji and I will tell NO MORE. :D, NOW GO BACK AND FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK POSITIVELY.

BYE SCRIQBLE OR SQRIQBLE (i mean i prefer the 1st one) + LIKE FOR A FREE COOKIE

(Updated: Good news I have finished my homework and everything is fine and…’BENJI I HAVE JUST SET YOU SOME EXTRA PREP’. Sigh.


Author: Scribble

I am a youtuber video showcasing art, gaming and vlogs.

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