Why my website name is Sqriqble

Hmm… think Benji think! Ah yes, this is why I named my website: Sqriqble

  1. The reason I named it on purpose Sqriqble with a Q is because my youtube name is GOING to be Scriqble + the website seems better to be called Sqriqble rather than Scriqble for my opinions sake.
  2. My website is related to art, SORRY for nooooooo art AT ALL. But soon I will be ahead of time and be posting regularly, the reason I haven’t been posting is because of holiday.
  3. Because, uh, because, umm…. OK I’M OUT

See you later aliga…. Doodle and fiddle with Scriqble? Really I have nooo idea. SO JUST GO WITH THE FLOW.

bye from Scriqble + don’t swim with alligators + don’t stroke bunny’s with chicken feet + don’t make up random tips like i am + like for a free cookie + that may be a lie + if your STILL reading this don’t whack your PC because i am annoying.

See you later, carrots you will nibble from SCRIQBLE. (don’t judge my rhyming )


Author: Scribble

I am a youtuber video showcasing art, gaming and vlogs.

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