Sad Face :(

): My website = Isolated . Hellllllooooo it’s me Benjiiiiiiiiii and I have something to tell you. I  look on my stats page ahhhhhh, click, VISITORS:0  VIEWS:0 . Yum! I am here to apologise that I have not been able to post as I have been revising to get into a school. Lol its a really bad excuse. I know :). But I will just tell how my ******SKIING HOLIDAY****** has been! So I go skiing in the French alps and the was TONNES of snow there this year and I have not been falling flat on my face! I think I have improved skiing by far as I had private tutoring and I actually learn new things. Now for the best image of the month…….


Byeeeeeee from ScribbleAway



Author: Scribble

I am a youtuber video showcasing art, gaming and vlogs.

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