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By Sqriqble




I am a huge Tesla fan, obviously, because I care for the environment and the pollution levels. If you go to the store place thingy (bad explanation sorry!) it is fascinating! I love all the technology in there and the cool gadgets. Plus it is the most family friendly car I have seen. Now I know that some people may not like self-driving cars but it is handy for helping a passenger; just for a few seconds. This post will soon be updated.              Thanks for reading Sqriqble.

Las Vegas Attack

I am extremely sad about what has happened on Saturday night this week. And if you do not know what has happened here it is. Now, there was a 64 year old man in a hotel not registered as a guest the police say, the man has just one the lottery on Friday. However as his son is the most wanted person on the FBI list, he has a influence from him (his son had robbed banks and more stuff). So he went and bought him self  a MINI-GUN, YES A MINI-GUN! So he said to himself. Well as there is loads of people having a good time (YES A GOOD TIME,) I will freaking shoot them all! Seems right huh? NO. 65 people shot dead, yes BANG BANG dead kind of thing, plus to make this man happier he thought hmmm. Lets set fire to the concert, results: 650 people horribly injured, 65 people are, more police dead, the police found him dead on the floor. Personally I think violence is not key, and the should tranquillise him and  investigate the situation. Because now, we don’t know if he was a terrorist or not! Thank you for reading. Sqriqble.

Apple leak Iphone 8 and Iphone X

Placeholder ImageApple as we all know, has launched 3 new series in a whole month! Impressive! The Iphone X has a stunning oled display. Of course there are some cons to it. Most of us know that the entire Iphone’s front is just seen. Now personally I love the fact that they added face ID, though it is just too

much. As anyone could make them self look like you. And plus who would trust a computer? I mean all computers have once made a mistake before. now I love Microsoft and Apple. I think Apple is creative and inspirational, although they have went too far at sometimes, but that’s ok. And I use Microsoft for gaming. So equally I recommend both. As we know apples 3 new series is the Iphone X the Iphone 8 and Apple watch 3 or series 3.

Apple where extremely clever with there iPhone 7 duel camera as it gives it more depth, it’s like looking with two eyes not one. I think Microsoft is holding themselves back, and not trying as hard as apple to keep their customers interested. Thanks for reading.

Yay I started a post!

Welcome everyone to a random website linked to a youtube account (sqriqble). Now watch me blabber on about stuff really. If you don’t know what i like is drawing (doodling), science and vloging. Also I do gaming but that is on my youtube account. I am very into the environment and pollution. Look down at the bottom for more.

The amount of times wordpress corrects vlog, youtube, sqriqble, and even wordpress is annoying. Yes I do know about the the add to dictionary , I am a amateur tech guineas….. Although I think so. By the way I like playing minecraft, I think it is a creative and fun game , I think it evolves children’s minds and helps them expand their thinking.

I would love to make a change to the world, I may be 10 but I will want to be famous. I am extremely into the environment and global warming. I think a change needs to happen, Donald Trump has rejected the global warming contract!!! Shocking! I think the people with actual minds who think about the world not money. We should treat this world like it is our master, If we do not look after it, it will get very ill, you see. I have so much things to tell and warn everybody!!! I know so much more, I have been researching for hours! 

I will be posting more about the world and green peace. In the link below.

Penguins polluted by seas
This horrible picture of pollution. This is just 1 out of 100’s of issues. This is just the least worst wait and see!